We Grew Up EP

by Young Waves

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This is my second EP., and is definitely a departure from the sounds of my previous (and first) EP. Since I have recently begun to gain a little more confidence in myself as a musician, I decided to start exploring and experimenting with different sounds all together.

As the Young Waves EP was more “song” oriented, this one delves more into soundscapes and textures, although the tracks often do maintain a loose yet exploratory structure. Also, although I wouldn’t consider this an instrumental release, I did try to use my vocals to contribute to atmosphere and texture, as opposed to lyricism.

These tracks were recorded between December and May of this year, during possibly the most prominent transition of my entire life. The E.P is an ode, and a fond farewell to my hometown of Thornhill. It is about growing up and moving on, but even more so, it’s about the elements of our childhood that disappear from our lives before we have a chance to think about how much we miss them.

(Everything was recorded using a handheld 4-track and a loop pedal, and no computers were used whatsoever at any point)


released May 12, 2011

Dedicated to my Mom and Dad/brothers Adam and Shaun for putting up with me for 20 years.

Also to my good friend Warren for being a huge inspiration to me, as well as a musical mentor of sorts. www.foxesinfiction.bandcamp.com

And a shout out to Hudson Christie for the beautiful album artwork. www.hudsonchristie.com

*AND a very special thank you to my roommate/good friend marc z. gold for putting up with endless hours of loud noises coming from my room (often into the early morning) and for sacrificing his own time making music by letting me borrow his drum machine/guitar/pedals/chords/mic/pretty much everything used on the album. And yeah... introducing me to the entire Toronto music scene in the first place. What a guy. www.myspace.com/bulldogskinon

Limited number now available on cassette through Foxes in Fictions Orchid Tapes label



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